There's been some trouble with the web store, but the most recent releases from Bonecloud, Brendan Murray, Changeling, and Envenomist are now available directly. These are also available at Aquarius, Tomentosa, Eclipse, and Mimaroglu.
Upcoming later will be cassettes from Tombi and Grasslung. Tombi's "Black Humid Mist" CDR was released on the Students of Decay label a couple of months ago, and a review can be found here.
New year is here... Twonicorn is getting back on track after a cross-country relocation. The Glass Organ- Two Tapes LP is out and features artwork by JCM and is limited to 365 copies. Due to the relocation I am not doing any directo mailorder on this at the moment, but please get in touch with Aquarius, Midheaven, or ToneFilth.
New tapes are in distros right now. Check with Aquarius, Eclipse, and Volcanic Tongue. I am in the process of moving so I will not be able to direct mailorder for any of these. The new tapes were revewied on Outer Space Gamelan recently. Be sure to check out the other music writing there.
New releases in the pipeline: Glass Organ LP co-release with ToneFilth is due within a month, and more tapes in the planning stages. Details on the way...
Earthen Sea Seeking Enlightenment 12 Oz. At A Time, Taiga Remains Vermilion Dusk, and JC Ledesma Floating Weeds due out within two weeks. Been some delay due to moving, but everything is under control again. Work/Death has a tape out on Tone Filth and an upcoming split 12" with Snake Apartment due by the end of the summer. Tombi has a tape on ToneFilth as well, check out a review here and a new release on Students of Decay sometime soon. Speaking of reviews, some Twonicorn tapes were reviewed at the awesome Outer Space Gamelan. Even newer stuff lined up for Twonicorn, more words on that shortly.
If you are looking for older Twonicorn releases, please try Aquarius and Time-Lag.
New Twonicorn releases out shortly: Earthen Sea Seeking Enlightenment 12 Oz. At A Time, Taiga Remains Vermilion Dusk, plus JC Ledesma, Spectre Flux, and more. There was a mini-repress of the sold out Tombi and Glass Organ tapes due to demand. These copies are available exclusively through Aquarius Records. Copies of out of print releases are available from Time Lag and Eclipse. Tombi and Work/Death have upcoming tapes on ToneFilth so keep an eye our for those.
All tapes are sold out through me. Check Eclipse, Timelag, Volcanic Tongue for more copies. Aquarius Records will have the last copies of the recent releases in less than two weeks. Bunch of new stuff on the way soon from Earthen Sea, Spectre Flux, JC Ledesma, and more. To stay up to date, sign up for our mailing list here.
Drunjus- "On the Heels of Sleipnir" and Glass Organ- "Untitled" are now available. Very excited to be putting both of these out. Work/Death has a new tape coming out on the Table Tape Label and Tombi has a new release due soon on ToneFilth.